UrbanBetter Cityzens

Join the Movement: Become an UrbanBetter Cityzen Run Leader in Accra! 

Are you passionate about making a difference in your community?  Are you excited about using physical activity and citizen science to advocate for clean air? Are you aged 18-35y and based in Accra?   As part of the UrbanBetter Cityzens initiative, we are looking for 10 enthusiastic and self driven Cityzen Run Leaders to join […]

We are hiring an Accra Hub Coordinator

We are seeking an Accra UrbanBetter Cityzens Hub Coordinator who will play a pivotal role in driving the Cityzens initiative within Accra. The incumbent will act as a local coordinator and community liaison facilitating collaboration, ensuring effective project management and working with stakeholders spanning civil society, academia, youth, and public-private sectors, under the guidance of […]

Rethinking Public Spaces: The 9-Year-Old on the Floor.

No matter how hard I try, I cannot remember the vastness of the trees that shaped my childhood. My mother would tell me during our walks to the market or school:   “Look, Munnir, you see that building? It wasn’t there before. That one too. This road didn’t have gutters. Oh, that sign is also […]

Empowering Words for Cleaner Skies from the CLEAN-Air Africa Network

The fourth annual International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies (07 September 2023) focusses on the theme, ‘Together for Clean Air’. The theme aims to highlight the urgent need for stronger partnerships, increased investment, and shared responsibility for overcoming air pollution.    The CLEAN-Air Africa Network was launched in Kampala, Uganda on the 5th of […]

Citizen science insights on air quality in 3 cities

The Cityzens for Clean Air campaign, part of the UrbanBetter Cityzens initiative, aims to amplify youth voices with advocacy on air pollution, climate and health using citizen scientist data generated by young people. The report is based on PM2.5 and NO2 air quality data collected by the citizen scientists who participated in the campaign across the various cities. The […]

Air Of Excitement 

In this blog #UrbanBetter Disruptor, Waziri Mainasara Abubakar writes about his recent visit to a park in Lagos and what he discovered about the air quality at the park.   “We spoke and he’ll be more than delighted to host you guys. He said to me that he wouldn’t mind if we monitor the the level of […]

An Activist Architect Advocating for Healthy Public Spaces

https://cityzens.urbanbetter.science/wp-content/uploads/2024/04/1a2e062a-21e5-4dcf-9460-4d9bc905bcc7-1.mp4 On the 25th of September 2022, Lagos held its first ever Car-Free day. To commemorate this event, Cityzens4CleanAir Run Leaders organised and led a run through the streets of Lagos, using the opportunity to advocate for clean air and healthy public spaces.   We asked #UrbanBetter Disruptor, Olasumbo Olaniyi, one of the Run Leaders, to share her motivation […]

A Climate Activist’s Journey into Climate Justice Activism

#UrbanBetter Disruptor Nyombi Morris is a climate justice activist from Uganda, Social media manager at Rise Up Movement and an ambassador at UNOCHA.   We asked him to tell us about his journey into climate justice activism and what motivates him. A world where natural resources and people’s lives are respected and put above profit […]

An Environmentalist’s Activism Journey

#UrbanBetter Disruptor Lily Tanui is a  nature enthusiast from Kenya.   We asked her to tell us about her journey as an Environmentalist.   My passion for nature started when I was young. My father is a herbalist, Dr Shadrack Moimett of Koibatek Herbal Clinic, and as I grew up, I realised some of the trees I […]