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Become a Cityzen

Join a locally-rooted and globally-connected movement that uses citizen science data to advocate for better urban environments

Air quality data collected by Cityzens

How to become a Cityzen

Using a purpose-built app and sensors, Cityzens can join or initiate runs and campaigns to help raise awareness and collect data on planetary health risks (and assets) in the urban environment that shape the air we breathe, the ways we move and the food we eat. All this while enjoying physical activity and connecting with a community actively working to address health and climate risks.


Joining is simple:

Step 1: Sign up and that’s it! You’re a Cityzen! You will now be able to join upcoming events.


Step 2: If you’d like to go a step further and contribute to data collection or even organise your own runs, take our free training courses to become a Data Collector or Run Leader.

About the Cityzens app

We are currently working on an updated Cityzens app and we are co-designing this with Cityzens. Get in touch if you’d like to be part of the co-design process

Upcoming runs and campaigns

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